“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.”

In the end, Terry Bateson’s canvas was a wall sized mural, covered edge to edge in splash and colour.

The famous quote from actor, singer, comedian and musician Danny Kaye suggests that life is an opportunity to embrace. Terry Bateson was 73 when he died at Stedman Community Hospice on August 23rd. By all accounts, he embraced life to the fullest.

“Dad told us that he would go out with a smile on his face. He was thankful to the end. That’s the kind of person he was.”

Quinn Bateson-Hotte is one of Terry’s three daughters and enjoyed a close relationship with her father. On maternity leave after the birth of her second daughter, Quinn is coping with the loss of her father by celebrating his life and remembering the precious moments.

“It’s very hard. He was a hands-on dad and we were extremely close.”

Quinn has fond recollections of growing up in a caring and supportive household.


Terence Andrew Bateson
1945 – 2018

“I remember loving Sunday because my dad dedicated the day to us. Sunday was play-day. He would give us five dollars to go to the candy store and it was always an adventure.”

In more recent years, Quinn would play golf with her father and still appreciated the one-on-one time she could spend with him.

Known for his diverse interests like history, astronomy and bird watching, Terry was well-read with a desire for knowledge. Described as a “great story teller” and the life of the party at family events, he was likeable, spontaneous and sociable. Whether it was golfing with friends, swimming at the pool, traveling with friends and family or cheering on the Buffalo Bills, his love for life was matched only by his love for family.

Quinn says her dad was a fun but gentle role model who inspired by example.

“He was encouraging that we needed to go to university and discover our potential but he never pushed us.”

Now a Millards Senior Accountant, Quinn followed in her father’s footsteps. She recalls her decision to choose an accounting career and her father’s reaction to the announcement.

“He loved his job and his passion was infectious and obvious. That stirred something in me and motivated me to follow the same path. He was having a hard time containing himself after I told him the news.”

A retired Senior Partner at Millard’s Chartered Professional Accountants, Terry had an impressive, life spanning career. Starting at Millards when he was just 18, Terry excelled and by the age of 25, he was a Partner. After a lifetime of serving clients and his community, he retired in 2011 but continued to work as a Consulting Partner. He was active until shortly before his death.

In addition to his career work that helped Millards grow substantially, Terry touched many community groups and organizations. His volunteer work over the years included support for the Alzheimer’s Society, Brantford General Hospital, Brantford Golf and Country Club, and Brant Waterways Foundation.

“He instilled in us at a very young age, the notion of giving back. I’ll miss his kindness, compassion and positivity.”

At a Celebration Of Life event held at the Brantford Golf and Country Club in September, hundreds of friends, clients, associates and family members gathered to pay tribute to Terry.

Among the many current and past Millards’ team members there to celebrate Terry’s legacy was current Senior Partner, Martin Dixon.

“Terry considered his fellow partners and employees to be his second family. He played a key role in the last 50 years helping to build up the company to one of the largest regional firms in the country.”

Martin believes that Terry’s professional and philanthropic efforts had an impact on those around him.

“He trained and mentored many of the current and former partners including myself. He carried on the tradition of earlier partners like Don Francis and Barry Humble and instilled in all of us how important it was to give back to the community which is clearly evident given the reaction to his passing.”

There was no shortage of kind words, anecdotes and accolades being shared at the Celebration Of Life. Terry set a high bar and had a profound influence on the people that came into his life.

“We all can only hope we live up to it. He has left us with a strong legacy which continues personally since his daughter Quinn has followed in her dad’s footsteps at the firm. He will be missed.”

Grant MacDonald considered Terry to be his best friend and knew him since their high school days at Brantford Collegiate Institute. A retired entrepreneur and business person, Grant had a close relationship with Terry and his family.

“I can’t stop thinking about him. I’m having a hard time right now even talking about it. Sometimes we talked every other day. I miss not being able to pick up the phone and call him.”

At the recent Celebration Of Life gathering, Grant was struck by the outpouring of love and the stories and tributes being bestowed on Terry by a steady stream of friends, clients and family members.

“The sentiment was universal. Everyone shared a similar message — how much he’ll be missed and what a wonderful guy he was.”

The Bateson and MacDonald families were friends and shared interests and activities. In addition to their shared personal adventures over the years like curling, traveling and golf, Grant and Terry partnered on numerous business ventures.

“He was a brilliant accountant but he had a sharp eye for business. He could see when a company wasn’t reaching their potential and we invested in quite a few businesses together.”

Grant credits Terry for being a savvy but caring business person.

“He was in his element when he was doing a business deal, but he was always very fair and honest. Everyone won when they negotiated with Terry.”

Grant respected Terry for his business acumen and together they enjoyed investment success. Grant believes that while Terry was driven by a strong work ethic and determination to succeed for his career and clients, his underlying motivation was always his family.

“He loved his family and he talked about them constantly. He was especially close with his daughters. They were very important to him.”

Terry’s integrity and empathy extended from his accounting clients and business dealings to the community he loved.

“He was always there to help people. He was very benevolent. He was an inspiration.”

Terence Andrew Bateson
1945 – 2018