Research and Development

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program offers benefits to taxpayers who have undertaken qualifying projects. The federal benefit is supplemented by provincial benefits in some provinces.

Many taxpayers are unaware of the program and also are unaware that work they have done could qualify for benefits under the program. This is particularly true for companies that undertake product development work on an ongoing basis.

We provide comprehensive services to assist businesses in claiming and obtaining benefits both from the income tax system and from other government funding programs including:

  • Review of a client’s technical operations to assist in identifying eligible projects.
  • Assistance in preparation of the technical descriptions of the work done. It is necessary to submit a technical description with the tax claim.
  • Assistance in preparing a meeting with CRA’s Science Advisor. The technical aspects of a claim are reviewed for compliance with the program.
  • Assistance in capturing the eligible costs associated with the SR&ED activities.
  • Assist clients in installing a system to routinely capturing project costs.

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