Estates and Trusts

Preparation of an effective estate plan requires careful consideration of all your options, and the ability to clearly define the consequences flowing from those options.

Typically defined as the planning for the acquisition, preservation and ultimate disposition of one’s assets at the time of death, estate planning is handled differently at Millards. We take a unique approach, which involves giving consideration to your family’s needs at every stage of life — be it funding a child’s education, planning for a comfortable retirement, or planning for the disposition of your assets.

To prepare your estate and retirement plan, we begin with a review of your current situation. This includes asset ownership, business succession planning and tax planning.

Failure to execute a will leaves the government to dispose of property you have accumulated during your life time. That disposition will only rarely be in a manner you would choose yourself, or maximize the portion of your assets that flow to your beneficiaries rather than to the Canada Revenue Agency.

A well thought out estate plan is the last chance anyone has to reduce CRA’s share of their assets and should accomplish your objectives. We work closely with our clients to help them identify their objectives and optimize the implementation of these objectives.

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