Personal Injury

Millard Financial Consulting Inc. provides assistance to the legal profession and the business community in matters requiring accounting expertise and specialized financial skills. We are qualified to appear as expert witnesses in support of our opinions and are recognized for our expertise throughout the legal and business communities. Our professional qualifications, business experience and dedication enable us to respond quickly and effectively to the demanding requirements of the legal process.

We independently quantify the loss of income arising from a personal injury or fatality from a motor vehicle accident or other injury and present our findings in a manner useful to counsel, and as required by a court of law.

We also draw on associated expertise in the areas of actuarial consultancy, marketing, taxation, and finance. We act on a timely basis and present our findings in a professional, persuasive and independent manner and are able to support such findings in a court of law.

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Ron Sciannella, CPA, CA, CMA, LPA, CBV

Phone: 519-754-2766

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