Succession Planning

It’s inevitable. Every business owner will face the challenge of succession planning someday. For you, the owner of a privately held business, it can be made more difficult by the inclusion of family issues. To create your succession plan we blend the insight of a tax specialist and attorney with the caring ear of a business partner.

Planning for the ultimate sale of your business or the transfer of the business to the next generation is often the most significant financial decision you will make as it relates to having both a successful plan for retirement and an estate plan that meets your goals.

We are skilled in the numerous strategies and complex concepts confronting you, and we convert these into straightforward, understandable solutions. We don’t let the strategy drive the planning process; rather, we deal with your personal and business concerns.

We have listened to the innermost thoughts of thousands of people just like you. Their concerns – not just tax issues – become the central input of the master plan’s framework. Tax laws are complex. There are no “off-the-shelf” solutions. Helping you transfer your business to the next generation is a job we take as seriously as you do.

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