Cameron Johnston, CPA, CA, LPA, Millards Chartered Accountants

HLB Canada has released it’s 2014 Planning Guide and Cameron Johnston, CPA, CA, LPA from Millards Chartered Accountants is encouraging Millards’ clients to consider the comprehensive guide as a resource and reference for their financial matters.

The Canadian annual planning guide covers everything from Capital Gains to Employment to Farming and we suggest that our clients review the guide and keep it for future referral.

“To offer our clients a world-class depth of expertise, Millards is a member of HLB International, a network of professional accounting firms and business advisors from over 100 countries and 140 independent offices around the world.”

Johnston points to the guide as a helpful guide for financial and tax planning matters for the year ahead.

“The 153 page document addresses a multitude of financial rules and regulations specific to Canada and it’s good reading for anyone that wants to broaden their understanding of our corporate and personal tax laws.”

Existing clients should contact their Millards advisor for more information. Millards is accepting new clients and anyone with a tax inquiry should contact Millards Chartered Accountants soon to discuss their taxation circumstances.

Click here to downland the Planning for 2014 Guide.

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