Watch The Town Hall Meeting And Learn About The Proposed Tax Changes

It was standing room only as more than 400 people squeezed into the Best Western Hotel & Conference Centre for a Town Hall Meeting to discuss Federal tax changes proposed by the government in July. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes the new tax changes are necessary but the proposals have received stern rebukes from the Conservative Party and many small business owners.

In addition to some emotional questions and comments from members of the audience, the Town Hall included an explanation of the proposed tax changes from Millards’ Associate, Lynda Sinclair, CPA, CA. Sinclair outlined what is known about the changes as well as the uncertainty created by the proposal.

“Without people providing their feedback, the government is most likely to just proceed in passing what they are currently proposing. What we would like to develop is a tax system that is fair but also doesn’t hamper our ability for the economy to be successful.”

Brant MP Phil McColeman initiated the event and was on hand along with Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant to answer questions and guide the discussion. He said his role was to represent the citizens of Brantford/Brant and take their concerns back to Queen’s Park. Today he took the opportunity to address the outpouring on Facebook.

“We had a huge turnout at last night’s Town Hall Meeting on the government’s proposed tax changes. We heard from many concerned local business owners, farmers, doctors and tax professionals about the detrimental impact these unfair tax changes will have on them. Hurting local businesses that create jobs is dangerous to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Canadians. There’s nothing fair about that.”

The 2 hour meeting was comprehensive and included comments from a panel. The attentive crowd heard from Sinclair as well as Millards John Carr, CPA, CA & Partner, Brantford-Brant MP Phil McColeman and Chamber Executive David Prang, a financial advisor with Assante Capital Management.

The Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant is encouraging concerned citizens “to tell their story to those in a position to affect change.” A letter template, along with the official email address for feedback to the finance minister’s office is available here.

“We urge you to write to the government before the October 2nd deadline.”

For those that were unable to attend the event or for attendees that want to review the presented information, the presentation was recorded and is available now in it’s entirety.

Regardless of where you stand on the issues, you might benefit from a greater understanding of the proposed tax changes and their implications for business owners and their families.

The explanation of the proposed changes by Millards’ Associate Lynda Sinclair, CPA, CA, runs from 9:52 to 40:25.

Questions and comments from the public run from 42:54 to 1:31:56.

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