It was a visit to the Norfolk County Fair that finally convinced Charlene Smith Mitchell that Simcoe felt like home.

Growing up an hour south of Ottawa in Cardinal, population 1,000, Charlene loved the charm and chemistry of living in a small town. Taking in Simcoe’s most famous annual attraction with her husband was the clincher.

“The sounds, smells and atmosphere of the fair reminded me of where I grew up. I love that small town feel.”

This small town girl joins the growing Millards’ Simcoe team as a tax specialist. Chosen for her expertise and unique skill-sets, Charlene already has a track record of success helping companies and individuals with their tax challenges.

“After graduating from the Bachelor Of Accounting Co-op Program at Brock, I started my career at BDO in Ottawa where I found myself looking forward to tax season over audit season. Over the years I learned a lot quickly and even had some successes challenging the CRA in appeals on assessments. The tax rules are complex and even they can make mistakes.”

Gifted with a love and natural inclination for math, Charlene says that she is “driven by numbers.”

While working at an accounting firm in Kanata, Charlene was introduced to a a visiting accountant that would change her personal trajectory. It wasn’t long before Charlene transferred to the Brantford office of BDO so that she could commute to Simcoe to be with her new husband Mike.

“I fell in love with a man from Simcoe and then I fell in love with the town.”

She immersed herself in the local community on arrival and is now a board member on the Simcoe Curling Club.

“Curling is my thing three nights a week now.”

Admittedly competitive, Charlene could see herself competing at higher levels, if only “the curling schedule didn’t conflict with prime tax season.”

Charlene has always been driven and leverages her passion and focus for her clients. She gets fulfillment in her role as a tax specialist and loves helping small businesses and individuals to solve tax issues and plan for the future.

“My work is challenging but it can be very positive. Ensuring clients only pay what they should be paying in taxes, and not more, can make a lot of clients happy.”

With special expertise in estate, corporate or personal tax returns, Charlene is adding new clients to the list of faithfuls that followed her to Millards.

“I work on anything that could have a tax implication but my objective is to provide accurate information and advice to help my clients make the best decisions looking forward.”

Married to husband and Millards’ coworker Mike Mitchell, Charlene has two cats and a dog. They are expecting their first child in May and are looking forward to building a home and raising a family in Simcoe.

We have a big backyard that came with a tree-fort. We’re all set.”

With all the ingredients to build a rewarding life in Simcoe, Charlene already has achievements to be proud of.

“Getting my designation was a big accomplishment. I’m proud of my journey and success so far and I have professional aspirations that include partnership. I’m excited for the future!”

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