(left to right) Tannis Atkinson, Melissa McNeish, Kim Willison, Diane Paxton, Skylar Turkiewicz, Katie Di Domenico, Anthony Barta, Danielle Molon, Julie Baetz, Kelsey Wallace 

The staff of Millards Chartered Professional Accountants in Brantford has donated over 25 thousand dollars to Brant United Way

The donation raised by the Millards team over five weeks starting in late October consisted of individual donations as well as funds raised at events like pizza and salad luncheons and prize draws.

Katie Di Domenico and Partner Simon Salole, spearheaded the campaign for Millards.

Simon Salole Millards

Simon Salole
CPA, CA, LPA, Partner
Millards Chartered Professional Accountants

Salole, CPA, CA, LPA and Partner, is proud of the Millards staff that came together to support the cause but was not surprised by the generous outpouring.

“Millards is dedicated to the communities we serve and that relationship has always been reciprocal. Our community supports us and we support our community.”

Millards Chartered Professional Accountants supports a wide variety of local organizations and events each year and Salole believes that the Brant United Way extends that reach by assisting a large number of essential services. 

“By supporting Brant United Way, we are helping a diverse and important collection of member agencies.”

Donations to Brant United Way support a range of services across 18 local charities. Last year over 25,000 people benefited from services supported by Brant United Way.

Cheryl Wiacek is a Donor Engagement Representative at Brant United Way. She says that Workplace Campaigns are the Heart of Brant United Way.

“Whether your company has 5 employees or 500, hosting a workplace campaign can make a real difference in our community.”

Salole, a Partner since 2009 believes that every workplace presents an opportunity to raise funds and give back.

“Contributions of any size make a difference and both employees and employers benefit when an organization comes together to help the less fortunate.” 

Anyone in a company can initiate and drive a Brant United Way workplace campaign.

“It’s easy to setup a campaign and surprisingly simple to get started. Just reach out to a Donor Engagement Representative at Brant United Way and they can help you with ideas and resources to organize your employees and engage your company.”

Salole sees many parallels between the guiding principles of Brant United Way and Millards Chartered Professional Accountants.

“Millards will be celebrating our 100th anniversary next year and much of our success is due to our close bond with the communities where we operate. As our website promotes, we believe that we do our best work together.”

The Brant United Way website sends a similar message.

“When we come together we aren’t simply helping the community, we become the community.”

Could your business or staff host a workplace campaign? Workplace campaigns are an important source of Brant United Way funds year-round.

Contact Brant United Way today and find out how easy and rewarding it is to support 18 essential member agencies in our community.