Condominium investing and living is on the rise and Millards Chartered Professional Accountants is at the forefront of condominium accounting services.

A proud member of the Canadian Condominium Institute, Millards provides audit services for well over 50 condominium corporations in the Brantford, Norfolk, Cambridge, Waterloo and Kitchener area.


Marlene McGraw
CPA, CA, LPA, Partner
Millards Chartered Professional Accountants

Marlene McGraw, CPA, CA, LPA and Partner at Millards Chartered Professional Accountants in Brantford specializes in the many challenges faced by condominium corporations.

“While condo investment and condo living offer incredible opportunities, the accounting responsibilities of operating a condominium can be daunting. As a member of the CCI Golden Horseshoe Chapter, we offer a solid foundation of expertise, guidance and support to condominium corporations.”

McGraw believes that the partnership between Millards Chartered Professional Accountants and the Canadian Condominium Institute provide a strong network of support for Millards clients with condominium properties.

“There are a wide range of topics that condominium corporations need to understand. From legal interpretation of the 1998 Condominium Act, condominium insurance and director’s responsibilities to the management of reserve funds and preparation of budgets, navigating around the land-mines and maximizing the gold-mines of a condo corporation requires specialized knowledge and the leverage of a national organization.”


Maria Finoro
RCM, ACCI, FCCI, President

The CCI-GHC has been actively promoting condominium living in the Golden Horseshoe area for 30 years. Maria Finoro, RCM, ACCI, FCCI and President at CCI-GHC agrees that condominium corporations need education and representation.

“We provide members with a variety of valuable services such as courses, seminars and a web site to answer general questions on condominium affairs.”

While condo specific knowledge is critical, Finoro says that condominium corporations need the support of an organization with a voice.

We lobby Municipal, Regional and Provincial Government on behalf of our members. Whether it’s prevention of reserve fund interest being taxed by the federal government, more services for fair property taxes or recommending changes to the government to make condo legislation more useful, we fight with the combined power and influence of Canada’s combined condominium industry.”

The CCI-GHC also supports Property Managers and other professionals.

“Through educational and accreditation programs professionals and managers gain recognition within the condominium community attesting that their skills and expertise make them the best choice for the job.”

Canadian Condominium Institute Golden Horseshoe

One of the most important roles of the CCI-GHC is providing education to Unit Owners and Directors of Condominium Corporations.

“The CCI-GHC provides events, courses, seminars and the Condo News magazine information addressing the many difficult issues that arise within a condominium.”

McGraw says that Millards has played an active role in the organization, developing educational material used across the country.

“With so many condominium corporation clients we have a wealth of experience in condo accounting. We have applied our expertise to aid in the development of CCI-GHC educational courses for condominium owners and board members.”

Currently membership in The CCI-GHC includes condominium corporations, unit owners, professionals and trades throughout the Golden Horseshoe and surrounding area.

Do you have a condominium corporation challenge? Contact Millards Chartered Professional Accountants today and find out why over 50 condominium corporations trust us to guide them. Backed by our partners at the CCI Golden Horseshoe Chapter, Millards offers perspective, experience and knowledge for condominium corporations seeking clarity.

Marlene McGraw’s Practice Areas include audit, accounting, corporate and personal tax for small and medium corporations, business and computer advisory services, manufacturing industry, building contractors, law firms and condominium corporations.