City Firm’s Battle For Ugly Sweater Supremacy Ends In A Win/Win!

Millards team left to right: Nina, Samantha, Joshua (back), Patrick, Simon, Melissa, Stacey, Madison, Quinn, Bhanu, Nichol, Diane, Nicole, Wendy, Connie. Scroll down to see the feisty & festive competitors on Team Waterous Holden Amey Hitchon!

While Millards has earned bragging rights for 2017, The Brantford Food Bank is the ultimate winner of a friendly battle between two city firms.

For the fourth consecutive year, a food donation and ugly sweater challenge issued by law firm Waterous Holden Amey Hitchon has raised money and food items for The Brantford Food Bank.

Victory has alternated between Waterous and Millards Chartered Professional Accountants since the competition began and this year Millards is back on top with a decisive win.


Shelley Keats
Internal Support Staff
Millards Chartered Professional Accountants

Shelley Keats organized the food drive and Ugly Sweater Day on the Millards team. Keats is proud of both teams but says that Millards was determined to get back on the leaderboard and worked hard to deliver the win.

“The Millards staff and Partners really stepped up this year and we raised a total of $4,555 in cash/cheques plus food donations to win the friendly rivalry for 2017!”

Ashley Singleton, Community Food Procurement Coordinator from the Brantford Food Bank says that donations from local businesses and individuals help the agency to deliver on its mandate.

“I’ve been working with this organization since 2010 and I am extremely passionate about increasing access to food for those who need it most. I pursue this passion by working with many local businesses in our community.”


Ashley Singleton
Community Food Procurement Coordinator
Brantford Food Bank

A graduate of Laurier Brantford, Singleton believes that the Brantford Food Bank plays a vital role in our community.

“The Brantford Food Bank offers an Emergency Food Bank Service to individuals and families in Brantford, Brant County, and Six Nations. This includes low-income families, children, the elderly, abuse survivors and the homeless. We also provide a Food Distribution Service to 28 other food and meal providers in our community.”

Singleton praised Waterous and Millards for their creative efforts to entice their firm’s contributions.

“We believe that every person should have nutritious food and balanced meals. Congratulations to Waterous and Millards but I’d like to think our clients are the real winners.”

Victoria Harrison is a Licensed Paralegal at Waterous Holden Amey Hitchon. Waterous first proposed the Ugly Sweater Battle in 2014. They won the first year and has participated enthusiastically every year since.

“We love our city and Millards and Waterous are both committed to the communities we serve. The Ugly Sweater Challenge is a fun way to build awareness and rally our staff to raise money and encourage food donations. We’re proud of our teams!”

The Brantford Food Bank is open for monetary donations Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm. Food donations can be dropped off Monday through Friday 8:30am – 11:45am and 12:45pm – 4:30pm.

Singleton wants donors to know that their efforts have a direct benefit.

“All funds raised in our community stay in our community.”


Team Waterous!


Brantford Food Bank

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