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Expropriation Services

Millard Financial Consulting Inc. provides assistance to the legal profession and the business community in matters requiring accounting expertise and specialized financial skills. We are qualified to appear as expert witnesses in support of our opinions and are recognized for our expertise throughout the legal and business communities. Our professional qualifications, business experience and dedication enable us to respond quickly and effectively to the demanding requirements of the expropriation process.

The expropriation laws of Ontario and other jurisdictions provide compensation to businesses operating on property which is expropriated. Millard Financial Consulting Inc. is able to assist claimants and expropriation authorities with respect to the following:

  • Damages attributable to disturbance
  • Special difficulties/costs in relocation
  • Cost of finding alternative premises
  • Mitigation of loss and assistance with settlement negotiations

For more information contact:

Ron Sciannella, CPA, CA, CMA, LPA, CBV

Email: rsciannella@nullmillards.com
Phone: 519-754-2766