Will Planning

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A well drafted will is critical to any estate plan. A will is an essential document which allows an individual to direct the disposition of his or her estate on death, to specify the beneficiaries, and identify at [...]

Succession Planning

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With the aging demographic, many family business owners have either considered passing their business down to the next generation, or have already created a plan to efficiently transfer their business and assets at a minimized tax cost. However, [...]

Estate Planning Tax Issues

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If this article has caught your attention, you may be reaching that point in your life where you need to begin to plan for the distribution of your assets to the next generation. Too many Canadians assume estate [...]

US Estate Taxes

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As a result of some U.S. tax legislation that was introduced in late 2012, there have been some changes to the U.S. estate tax rules as it applies to Canadian residents owning U.S. property.  While the details on [...]